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THE TAROT is a pictorial text-book of Ageless Knowledge.
From its pages has been attracted inspiration for some of the
crucial deal with occult scientific research published during
the last seventy-five years. Its impact on the minds of a.
couple of enlightened thinkers may be mapped throughout the.
background of the modem revival of rate of interest in mystical scientific research.
and viewpoint.
This rebirth started in 1854 with the magazine of.
Eliphas Levi's Dogma and Routine of Thnscendental Magic,.
fist of a collection of occult writings where he names the.
Tarot card as his most important resource of information.
Eliphas Levi's training affected the work of H. P.
Blavatsky as well as Dr. Anna Kingsford. It has been established.
as well as extended in the circles of French occultism where.
" Papus" (Dr. Gerard Encausse) was for long a leading.
spirit. For English viewers it is interpreted in the books of.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers, Dr. W. Wynn Westcott, Dr.
Arthur Edward Waite and others. The works of New.
Thought authors, especially the essays of Judge Thomas.
Troward, resemble it over and over; and, though Levi himself.
was a nominal Roman Catholic, his doctrine is made use of by.
Scottish Rite Masonry in the United States, inasmuch as.
General Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of the Scottish.
Ceremony repeats verbatim web page after page from the French.
sorcerer's Dogma und Routine.
Levi's point of view of the Tarot card was extremely high. He claimed:.
" As an erudite Kabalistic publication, all mixes of.
which reveal the harmonies preexisting between indications,.
numbers and letters, the practical worth of the Tarot card is.
really and most importantly spectacular. A detainee devoid of publications,.
had he only a Tarot which he knew how to use,.
could in a couple of years obtain an universal science, and.
converse with an unrivaled doctrine and also infinite.
The aim of this evaluation is to show you the best ways to make use of the.
Tarot. A full therapy would require many quantities; yet I.
hope to recognize the promise of my title by providing a concise.
description of the general strategy of the Tarot card, as well as a brief.
rundown of its meaning. It should be comprehended, nonetheless,.
that the student should fill in this rundown with the results.
of his very own monitoring as well as meditation.
Prior to going into after a description of the building.
and significance of this publication of occult scientific research, it could be.
well to say a word as to its history. Generally, I remain in.
contract with Arthur Edward Waite, that goes over the.
numerous theories as to its origin in his Key to the Tarot,.
published in London by Wm. Biker as well as Sons. Dr. Waite.
wraps up that the Tarot has no exoteric history before the.
fourteenth century. The oldest examples of Tarot designs.
now maintained in European galleries were most likely made.
concerning 1390. According to an occult custom, where I.
am inclined to put confidence, the actual day of its.
creation was about the year 1200 A.D
. The creators, this tradition insists, were a group of.
adepts who satisfied at stated intervals in the city of Fez, in.
Morocco. After the damage of Alexandria, Fez became.
the literary and clinical funding of the globe. Thither,.
from all parts of the world, came smart men of all countries,.
speaking all tongues. Their conferences were made.
challenging by distinctions in language and thoughtful.
terms. They hit upon the tool of personifying the.
essential of their doctrines in a publication of photos,.
whose mixes need to rely on the occult consistencies.
of numbers Possibly it was a Chinese experienced who suggested the concept,.
for the Chinese have a saying, "One image is worth 10.
thousand words," and also Chinese writing is made up of conventionalized.
images. These photos share suggestions.
instead of words, to make sure that Chinese, Japanese and Koreans,.
They speak even more than 7 different languages,.
communicate quickly with each other, if only they can.
check out and also create.
As a skeletal system for their creation the smart males chose the.
fairly easy system of letters and also numbers managed.
by the Qabalah, or Secret Knowledge of Israel. This esoteric.
doctrine, apparently Jewish, was actually a development of.
concepts fundamentally identical with the knowledge instructed in.
the secret schools of China, Tibet as well as India. Some.
account of it, as a result, should precede our research of the.
Tarot itself.
The Hebrew Wisdom.
The master-key to the Hebrew wisdom is the "name".
converted "Lord" in the Authorized Variation of the Scriptures,.
and "Jehovah" in the modified variations. It is not really a.
name at all, yet rather a verbal, mathematical as well as.
geometrical formula. In Roman letters representing.
Hebrew it is meant IHVH.
This is a noun type originated from a Hebrew verb meaning.
" to be." Correctly translated, it implies "That which.
was, That which is, That which shall be." THAT, not HE.
Therefore, it is an ideal verbal icon for the One Fact- for.
that Something which has constantly survived behind all.
types in the endless time of the past, for that Something which.
really lags all the misunderstandings and looks.
of today, for that Something which will certainly be the.
foundation for all the changing kinds of life-expression in.
the eternity ahead.
Never has actually Timeless Knowledge attempted to specify this.
Fact. Its inner nature opposes analysis, could not be put.
within the restrictions of any official statement, because the.
One Reality is boundless. Yet, in every age the report of the.
smart has actually been that in the One Something continued subsists the.
power to understand We state, consequently, that IHVH is a spoken.
symbol for the Conscious Energy that brings all things as well as.
animals into existence.
The Qabalah identifies all feasible procedures of this.
One Power into 4 airplanes, or "worlds." Each airplane or.
world is represented by a letter of IHVH, as complies with:.
The Archetypal Globe. This is the globe of pure ideas. In.
the archetypal airplane are the root-notions intrinsic in the.
innermost nature of the global Conscious Energy.
From these ideas are acquired all real forms of manifestation.
For instance, the pure concept of a chair is the suggestion of.
resting. check here Because suggestion, as in all others, is embodied a.
volition - the will-to-sit. This will-to-sit is the single rootnotion.
behind all possible chair-forms that ever before have actually been,.
are currently, or ever will be. Therefore the archetypal world is seen.
to be the plane of will-ideas. To it Ageless Wisdom assigns.
the element of fire, standing for global glowing energy.
In IHVH this element and this globe are stood for by.
the letter "I.".
The Creative Globe. Below the suggestions of the stereotypical.
world are specialized as particular patterns. "Sitting".
becomes the psychological pattern for some unique type of chair.
The Cosmic Power acting on this plane includes the patterns.
of all chairs that have actually been made or thought of in the.
Past, of all existing in the present-but not those as.
unthought of. So with all various other patterns of certain.
types. To this world Ageless Wisdom appoints the component.
of water, representing the fluid plasticity of the cosmic.
mind-stuff. The imaginative world is represented in IHVH by.
the initial "H.".
The helpful resources Formative World. Below the archetypal suggestions,.
focused on imaginative patterns, are yielded into.
real expression. It is the plane of procedures, the world of.
pressures behind the shroud of physical things. The formative.
globe is that which is currently checked out by physicists and.
drug stores. It is the world of vibratory activities, and.
the astral airplane of occultism. Here occur the numerous.
kinds of action whereby the Planetary Energy actualizes its.
patterns. Eternal Knowledge assigns to this globe the component.
of air, representing the life-energy which smart males.
everywhere have related to breath. The formative.
globe is represented by "V" in IHVH.
The Material World. This is the plane of the real.
types which impact our physical detects. Below the procedure of.
bringing down the idea of sitting, with a procedure.
based upon the pattern of a certain chair, is ultimately completed.
as the chair itself. This plane represents the.
component of earth, standing for the solidity as well as tangibility.
of physical items. It represents the 2nd "H" in.
In each of the four worlds, the Qabalah conceives.
the operation of ten aspects of the global Conscious.
Power. This suggestion that feasible facets of the one.
Fact could be lowered to a significantly category is discovered.
in every version of the Ageless Wisdom. Thence arises the.
esoteric training worrying the significance of numbers.
This is a subject virtually endless in its ramifications.
what is needed for Tarot research will certainly be discovered in the next.

The Archetypal World. This is the world of pure suggestions. In that concept, as in all others, is embodied a.
volition - the will-to-sit. This will-to-sit is the solitary rootnotion.

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